Personal Styling with Jackie

From faux painter to fashionista, Miss Jackie was
born with a keen eye for color and design. Miss
Jackie began her fashion journey as a sales
women in a European fashion boutique in New
Jersey. As she explored new lines and designers,
she was pulled toward the energy and fashion
risks of New Yorkers. Since 2012, she has been
the manager and buyer for RootchiNYC. This
boutique has grown into more than just a place
women come to shop…it has turned into a place
where women can come to embrace their
insecurities, test their fashion boundaries, and try
on new styles.
Women are able to do this because of the
environment and support from Miss Jackie.
Whether you come in to the store, email Jackie
pictures of you with questions, or call her on the
phone, she will be to find you the right fit. Try on
something new or just need help with sizing, Miss
Jackie has the answer.

Tel. (212) 580-0495

 email. uws @ laurenvidalus . com